THREE Part 05: Neighbors

March 22, 2016

Walk with us on a visit through the streets of Jerusalem. At first, the early morning is calm in the Holy Land, but then as the rush of people take to the streets in the usual busyness of life, we are left to wonder how do we sort out the confusion of what this place means?

Jerusalem and each of these three faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are more complicated than we could have imagined. As we finish our journey to this conflicted city, what can we learn about both this city and our own cities. What lessons can be learned from a city that has so often been the epicenter of conflict?

Come with us on our last walk through Jerusalem as we consider what it means to be neighbors in the place city of conflict as well as in a world full of conflict.

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THREE Part 04: Sunday Christian Worship

March 15, 2016

Christians around the world dream of traveling to Jerusalem to walk the streets where Jesus walked. The very thought of just being in the same physical space where he walked, lived, died and returned to life is amazing to pilgrims who follow this faith. However, does the reality of the place meet their expectations?

What about Christians who live in this city? Does being in Jerusalem and having a home in common with Jesus make a difference for the people who call themselves Christians today or is it really just business as usual?

Come along with us as we travel the Via Dolorosa, visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and seek to find if there are any remnants of this teacher, prophet and savior remaining among the streets of Jerusalem.

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THREE Part 03: Saturday, Jewish Sabbat

March 8, 2016

The Western Wall is a short section of wall just below the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. This is all that remains of the Jewish temple and is the focal point of the Jewish spiritual connection to Jerusalem, but you don’t have to be Jewish or even religious to feel a connection to something deeper here.

Step beyond the wall and it’s also clear that the Jews take very seriously to their claim to the promised land to Abraham. Israel doesn’t take lightly the fact that their claim to this land isn’t 100 percent secure, even after 67 years as a nation. However, in this segment, we learn that despite appearances, not all Jews are convinced that holding the land by force is the best way to honor this sacred space.

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THREE Part 02: Friday, Day of prayer

March 1, 2016

Islam. Does this word fill you with fear?

Well, if it does you're not alone. In our cultural context, most of us have never had the chance to see the spiritual or cultural side of Islam. This segment of THREE, will pull back the curtain on the spiritual side of Islam.

In this episode we visit the West Bank, walk through the holy Muslim sites in Jerusalem and have a front row seat to the Friday prayers. You will be challenged to see this faith from a whole new perspective.

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THREE Part 01: Jerusalem

February 23, 2016
Jerusalem – Crossroads of three great religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

This city is holy ground to three worldwide monotheistic faiths which together have followers that represent more than half of the world’s population. The flashpoint of conflict for thousands of years, these few acres of land are one of the most contested plots of land in history.

In this episode of THREE we arrive in Israel as they celebrate the nation's independence and then step back in time as we walk through the Damascus into the streets of Jerusalem to see what it’s like to be part of the pilgrims, worshippers and regular people who mix on the streets of this holy city.
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THREE Behind the Scenes Podcast Part 2

February 16, 2016

Andy and Julie sat down in front of a microphone to give you an idea of the thoughts and motivations behind THREE. In this second part of our first Blue Dot Podcast we discuss the production of THREE in Jerusalem, editing and finally some of what you might expect when THREE comes out in just a week.

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THREE: behind the scenes part 1

February 11, 2016

Have you wondered where we came up with idea for a web-series THREE? To give you an idea of the thoughts and motivations behind the project we decided to record our very first podcast! Jump into conversation with us as we discuss the original ideas, the process of funding through Kickstarter and why crowd-funding was important for THREE and for the beginning of Blue Dot. 

After you listen, let us know what you think. And be kind, it was our first time!

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Story of THREE trailer

January 19, 2016

What's THREE about?

The people of Jerusalem live in the middle of one of the most contested plots of land in history that continues to attract millions of pilgrims, tourists and common foot traffic. This city is holy ground to three worldwide monotheistic faiths which together have followers that represent more than half of the world's population.

Jerusalem is the crossroads of these three great religions and it’s been the focal point of conflict for thousands of years as an important symbol to each one of them.

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THREE begins February 23!

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Reflections on the Bombing in Bangkok

August 17, 2015

After seeing the news on the bombing in Bangkok this morning, I realized that I had been on that same spot a couple of years ago. Realizing you were in a place where such a tragedy is taking place really does take your breath away. So I dug into my archives and found the video I shot that day. So here are my reflections on the events in Bangkok this week.

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Around the World in 80 Hours: EP06: Circumference

November 10, 2014
Can I actually make it back to Time square in 80 hours? After nearly missing my flight out of Beijing, I am running out of time to make it! It's late and there is bad weather rolling into New York. Either way, I need a shower and to sleep in an actual bed.

So what did I learn on this trip?
And what did you learn? I would love to get your take away in the comment section.

Around the World in 80 Hours is an exploration of our technology revolution, and how global air transportation has since changed not only transportation, but has also changed how we live and communicate with each other in a world that is more of a village than a planet.
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